is about the need for protection and the pursuit of knowledge

A scream pierces the silence of a sandy desert. 
Something stirs in the darkness. 
One delicate, skeletal hand unearths itself and is quickly followed by a second one. Yet the second hand seems to belong to a creature from another world ... 
Am I the one that I am?  is the question that this act of creation in several parts, this work of invisible hands, seems to be posing. 

„Cocon projects the audience into a timeless universe, where a mythical mother goddess’ sandy tears give birth to a strange creature, about to take care of a human infant hatched from a cocoon like a butterfly, that wouldn’t be able to survive on its own. The puppets’ refined and elaborate features, their expressiveness, the dexterous manipulation – never concealed, always visible through the luminous presence of Tibo Gebert, as well as the revelation of the living and the metaphysical questions attached to it are simply fascinating. Great art.”

MM, Théâtre Paris Villette

„Tibo Gebert’s performance is wordless. (…) The scenes however – at times accompanied by sussurant music – are filled with tenderness. (…) The moment the chant-like instrumentals fall silent in Gebert’s gentle puppet performance, the silence enveloping the auditorium feels like the audience is holding its breath.”

Lucía Tirado, Neues Deutschland

Idea/ Direction/ Performance: Tibo Gebert

Musical Composition: Morgan Daguenet

Scenography/ Puppets: Tibo Gebert

Video: Silja Lex 

Light: Tibo Gebert, Paul Friedrich

Co-production: Schaubude Berlin

Duration: 30 min (without words)


Cocon can be programmed together with LIMEN.