a strange and worrying encounter between two men in the snow



Limen (latin for threshold) marks a spot of access and transition. Originally inspired by Kafka’s „Before the Law“, Limen quickly breaks free from it and focuses primarily on expressing the characters’ inner lives. In the manner of a puppetry haiku, C.U. Gebert spins a sparing and inspiring puppet piece made of sheer poetry.

As the snow has just stopped falling, a stone-cold wanderer is slowly getting back to life. He still has a long way to go. Suddenly he's facing the Unknown, a dark shadow taking the shape of a man trying to exert authority through an unequivocal silence. The wanderer oscillates between fear and rebellion.

„The puppets and objects in C.U. Gebert’s shows barely perform any actions, the narration is almost non-existent, the writing, the choreography (…). The artist is concerend about accessing the interiority of her objects and shapes, about making them appear in the phantasmagoric space of the stage. (…) Geberts puppets have the ability to oscillate between absence and presence. C.U. Gebert invokes our ability to believe or guess that something else, something invisible exists.”

Renaud Herbin

„C.U. Gebert’s performances are short, depict the essential, stir our emotions and stay with us for a while. As if they wanted to merge with the spectators’ experiences, invite us to embellish them in our own ways. With every perfomance C.U. Gebert sets in motion this ,game of thoughts’. It is an extraordinary kind of art. Visually the productions are always staged in darkness, but never cold. The puppets for Limen are such elaborate creations, that they would cut a fine figure in an animated film as well.”

Lucía Tirado - Neues Deutschland

IDEA/ Direction/ Performance: C.U. Gebert
Artistic Collaboration: Ursula Gebert, Gabriel Hermand-Priquet
Musical Composition: Ulrich Kodjo Wendt, Mark Badur
Scenography/ Puppets: C.U. Gebert
Light: C.U. Gebert, Paul Friedrich
Costumes: Sonja Albartus, C.U. Gebert
Co-production : Schaubude Berlin
Project supported by : Fonds Darstellende Künste e. V.
Duration: 20 min (without words)


Limen can be programmed together with Anubis or Cocon.