Tibo Gebert

is  a Director and Puppeteer. He graduate of the Hochschule für Schauspielkunst "Ernst Busch" Berlin and the École Supérieure Nationale des Arts de la Marionnette Charleville-Mézières in France. Tibo Gebert developed a very unique aesthetic language. The spoken word is subordinate to mysterious, minimalistic images, which are the bearers of meaning.

Apart from the solo work, he cooperated with several international directors. From 2001 to 2007, he was a puppeteer in multiple productions of the American director, scenographer and puppeteer Roman Paska. Since 2015, he engaged as a puppeteer and actor in the production The Ventriloquists Convention by Gisèle Vienne. 

Tibo Gebert is an instinctive artist and invents an artistic world with great sensitivity. The puppets have the ability to oscillate between absence and presence. The very special rhythm of the shows also participates in creating unusual bonds with the audience. With small gestures, he creates an associative, delicate and poetic theatrical experience.

„Tibo Gebert’s puppets take their time to let their eyes wander, while never revealing where they are directing their gaze or what they are looking at. They contemplate symbolic spaces whose location cannot be determined. They are anywhere and nowhere. They are the future, past, life, death. In this way, worlds emerge into an empty space – when you try to enter them, they disappear. (...) And even though the view extends far  into the unknown, as spectators we are always left with the sense of a world that is oddly close to us, that each of us is familiar with, in his/her own way.”

Gert Engel (Das Portrait - www.fidena.de)


In 2015 Tibo Gebert was honored by the Institut International de la Marionnette with the Prize for "Creation/Experimenation" rewarding a recent young artist / company who has renewed the language, practices and aesthetic forms of the arts of puppetry.


Since 2020 he works and lives under the name Tibo Gebert in Berlin.

Numen Company

was founded in Berlin in 2013 on the initiative of Tibo Gebert.


Numen Company is a synonym for the artistic renewal of the contemporary puppet theatre that transcends the boundaries of the genre. Over the course of the career, Tibo Gebert did cooperations with several European theatres that support and sponsor the Numen Company. Starting with a self-managed solo in 2005 up to the award Création et Expérimentation of the Institut de la Marionnette in Charleville-Mézières in 2015, the performer and scenographer incorporated a contemporary style into a form of art that is, up to today, in uenced by tradition. 

Tibo Gebert uses the stage as a space for scenic experiments and artistic research, the creativity is inspired by intuition, inventive curiosity and productive spontaneity. He develops a language on the stage that is marked by special visual aesthetics. An objective style of narration and a structural minimalism give each of the productions a precise and essential touch. He creates mysterious visuals of poetic beauty and an enormous power of seduction, beyond the well-known reality.

For each project different artists are invited for an artistique exchange. Long standing partners are Ulrich Kodjo-Wendt, Mark Badur, Hahn Rowe, Gabriel-Hermand-Priquet, Sonja Albartus, Paul Friedrich.

The shows have been performed on national and international festivals:

  • Out the Box Kapstadt – SOUTH AFRICA 
  • TIP Festival Turku – FINLAND 
  • Fidena Bochum – GERMANY 
  • Festival Mondial des Theâtres de Marionnettes Charleville-Mézières – FRANCE
  • Festival Internacional de Marionetas Porto – PORTUGAL
  • MiMa Festival des arts de la Marionnette Mirepoix – FRANCE
  • Internationales Figurentheaterfestival Erlangen – GERMANY
  • Semaine Internationale de la Marionnette Neuchatel – SWITZERLAND
  • Spectaculo Interesse Divadlo Loutek Ostrava - CZECH REPUPLIC
  • TamTam Festival Paris – FRANCE 
  • Unidram Festival Potsdam – GERMANY
  • Mindelact Festival Sao Vincente / Mindelo - CABO VERDE 
  • Materia Prima Festival Cracow - Poland 
  • Festival Geo Condé Frouard - FRANCE 
  • Iida Festival - JAPAN
  • Festival Rebelión de los Muñecos Santiago - CHILE
  • Figurteatret Festival Stamsund - Lofoten Islands NORWAY